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Here you will find all the information you need about the military equipment we sell and advice on how to make the most of your tactical kit. Along with updates on New Military Kit, we at RVOps offer advice from our ex forces personnel, Military News, RVOps NewsSurvival Tips, Military Dates, Fitness Tips and Kit Reviews.RVOps Blog, Military Forces in Afghanistan

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Have you seen a piece of military equipment on the RVOps Website but not sure how to use it? Wondering if it could be used for something else? Is there no RVOps video demo available for it? Well we want to know! Send us a quick message and we will do our best to get it updated as soon as possible. We are dedicating more and more time to getting our product details as informative as possible. Our New Military Kit and Kit Reviews offer this feature for most kit, but we might not have reviewed this product that you might want to know about.

We’ve also got a unique set of pages for you guys to use as you please:

  • Military Survival Tips — a collection of our best survival tips and advice for whatever conditions you’re in.
  • Military Dates — A one stop place for you to find an cool fact that happened on a particular date. An on this day section, so you can see what happened on your birthday all those years ago.
  • Military Fitness Tips — The best advice we can give you to stay in tiptop condition. Training routines and eating habits to keep you in a healthy state.
  • RVOps News — Just some local news on us. Here we’ll let know what’s going on with us, including promotions and events.
  • Military News — A small page that we’re going to dedicate to all military news around the world with links to article and a place for you to discuss them.

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Did you know?

  • RVOps started doing video demonstrations back at the start of 2007! Way before anyone else in this market. Our first video demo, which was created to show the (at the time) new Hennessy Hammock, has reached over 100,000 views
  • The RVOps team is currently made up of 8 outdoor enthusiasts 3 of which are ex military. We are all into our exercise/phys and we are the first to test our new military equipment when it arrives
  • Here at RVOps, we pride ourselves in providing only the best military kit, it’s the reason our motto is “Military Equipment Specialists, where compromise is NOT an option”

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